Make, Create PDF From Mulitple Images

Many a time’s people face problems while converting their .PDF files to image file format. For converting theses files we generally go for online solutions in which we have to register with our email address and then it allows us to convert the files into image format, as a result this process consumes lots of time and thus its better if we avoid it. It becomes more difficult if want our files to convert into .JPEG format only as our search for the solution becomes more lengthy. I would to tell you about a freeware which can do this in no matter of time and this is known as FM PDF to JPG Image Converter.

As you can see from the above snapshot that this tool can add .PDF file either located by you or you can insert a website link where your .PDF file is stored, apart from these two methods you can also assign a folder or a drive to this tool and then it will scan through that folder in order to search all the possible files. All the PDF files which have been selected will be enlisted in between the application window as shown in the above snapshot.

You can also select the pages which should be converted. For example, if you want to convert only the odd pages then you have a tab named as “Scope” which contains the option like odd, even, first, last and all. This will convert only those pages which you have selected. If the number of pages in your .PDF is 8 or 9 or any number above 1 then it will break each page into separate JPG file.

You can arrange the files in a particular as this tool will start from the top of the list and will go until the end of the list. If you have selected the files by the file scan option, then it will add all the PDF files in the list and if you want some of the selected files to be converted then you can remove the unwanted files by either using ‘Remove’ option or you choose the ‘convert selected’ bubble at the bottom of the application window. You can also save the list of all the PDFs selected.

As soon as you press the ‘Start’ option, it will start converting the files and will show the progress in the progress bar present at the left of that option.

This tool has a size of 6,409Kb and it is compatible with all the version of Windows as it has been checked on Windows 7 (32-bit Ultimate edition) and Windows XP.

Download FM PDF to JPG Image Converter

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