Make Color Palettes Online Easily

While we are working online, there are times when we need to create and collect color palettes for any reason may be for some background or for a magazine or any other. For this, there are many online services which provide various options to help us in choosing the perfect color.

But these sites provide so many features that it becomes difficult to make a simple choice of a color and also exploring all the features for a simple work is a cumbersome task especially for a beginner.

In solution to this, recently i found this web utility called What Color which provides a very simple way to make your color palettes and in less time.

What Color is a simple web utility in which you just have to add the HEX code of the color you want to see at the end of the URL.

The home page of the site is very simple and appear like this. The tool accepts both short notations such as “cdc”, or extended notation, such as “ccddcc”. There are few examples available from which you can select the desired color or you may add the hex code of your color at the end of URL to see its preview.


In the examples, there are certain tricks by which you can make it interesting. You can prefix the URL with /a/ to get analogous colors or /c/ for complementary colors. And if you add a number at the end, you can control how many colors show up in the palette.

NOTE: The limit of the palette is only 20 colors.

For example, I have shown here the 5 palette of analogue colors by adding /a/ and /05/ at the end of URL.


You can also select the random option in which any random shade of a color will appear making your search of color interesting.

The only problem with this utility is you have to add the hex code of colors for choosing your shade and not just the color name which makes it a bit less practical because you always have to refer a hex chart of colors.

But still there are many ways you can use this colorful web service for creating different beautiful color palettes. For you, lets have a look at the rainbow. I leave the fun of exploring more shades of colors to you. Make life colorful.

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