Make Catalog Of Data On CDs, DVDs, USB And Storage Devices

We are used to store a lot of data in CDs and DVDs. The reason may be to secure the private data or to make the free space available in the system. We mark each and every disc but still when there is an urgent need of some particular data, we may be unable to figure out the required disc. The situation is completely annoying. To avoid such circumstances, now you have a wonderful tool named as Visual CD. The utility will act as the browser of your offline CD, DVD browser.

Visual CD is a freeware of 2.4 MB. It helps you to maintain the catalogs of all the data you have stored in your optical media. It resolves the problem of naming the CDs. Moreover the data can be managed in a proper and efficient manner. The utility with few files has been shown in the snapshot below.


To start with the utility, you have to create a new catalog. You can specify various changes every time. The catalog will tell you the accurate location of the required data.


By default, the data will be saved in the Catalog folder of your Documents as shown in the snapshot. These catalog items can be imported or exported in the future if required. You can add or delete the comments and even give the catalog description. You can make the list of your favorite documents. It also provides you the MP3 Generator option. The tool can be used for Rar/ Zip/ 7-Zip/ Ace and Cab archives also.

There are many options available for general and catalog settings, shell integration and common paths. These options will help you to manage the information more precisely. One of the very good option is that the utility can be made password protected. You can use the password to access the files to maintain the privacy of the documents.

Few other functions are available under the menu Extras. These can be stated as:

  • Advanced Rename: To rename many files in a certain order.
  • Duplicated Files Finder: To remove the duplicates within a folder.
  • File Splitter: It can be helpful when the file size is greater than the size of your CD. It will divide it according to the storage device.
  • NFO Reader
  • Photo Rename
  • Thumbnail Maker

I found this tool to be very useful to manage the data properly. It will surely prove to be useful to you as well. The tool has been tested on Windows 7, so it will be compatible with all the other versions also.

Download Visual CD

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