Make Camera Photos Looks Like Its Scanned

Sometimes, we may need to scan a document in order to get a soft copy for that particular document and similarly sometimes we may need to convert an image into a format where it may look like as if it has been scanned. But, normally a photograph might not give the same results as of the scan. So, for this we need a tool or a way by which an image can be processed in a way that it should look like a scanned one. So, today we are going to discuss one such image editing tool which can be used to serve the above mentioned purpose and that too in a very simple and easy manner.

Cam to Scan is basically a small, useful and easy to use application which is available as a freeware tool and has been especially designed and developed for Windows based users. It allows its users to optimize the photographed images in a way so that they may look like scanned ones. Although, it has a very simple functionality and doesn’t comes with a large number of features but still it fulfills its primary function in a simple and effective way. If we look into the deep working of this small utility then we may observe that the automatic outline detection features is new in Cam to Scan and makes using it even easier and faster. By using such features, it gives a different look for the photographed images and they looks like as if they are the scanned documents.




One may download the utility form the link given below and after installing it in the computers, you may observe that you can even set the outline for the image to be optimized and then manually select the points in the image. After selecting the points, you can straighten the image and improve the brightness using the settings which is available as one of the options in the app. This brightness correctness uses an algorithm which makes the work easier for the user as all the complexity involved is handled by the app itself.

The above mentioned algorithm for brightness correction detects whether the image is showing a document or a photo and adopts the correction automatically and thus no need of user intervention is required for this particular thing. Although, the version which is free has various limitations, but it does a good job of converting a photographed document into an image that looks like it has been scanned and thus fulfills its primary objective. So, overall we may say that it is worth downloading the utility and you may explore it yourself.

Download Cam to Scan

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