MacX Video Converter For Mac OS & Windows Free Serial Number

Generally all the MP4 players whether they are of Sony or Philips, they have ability to play the WMA and MP4 files. These two file formats are one of the most common file formats for videos in portable devices and these formats are not supported by iOS. Apple has their different file system unique from all the file formats which we generally use and that is the reason Apple users might be inconvenient while using the video files on their devices.

To solve this problem you might have downloaded many of the trial version tools or you must have bought a full version tool. Today we will be telling you about a full-version which you can get it for free with the help of this Giveaway. The tool is named as MacX Video Converter and by default it has a cost of $49.95 but before June 2, 2011 you can get this tool for free.


As you can see the screenshot of the tool right posted above this paragraph, you just need to select the appropriate tab and then you will be able to convert the file to a particular format. The best part is that it not only includes the formats for Apple products but also for the formats of Sony and other popular portable devices which can be used to listen songs and watch videos. After inserting the values for the parameters in the setting you just have to click the start and then processing will start which will finish in some time to give you the finally converted file.

If you liked this tool then just click the link mentioned below and then you will be able to download the tool which will be accompanied by a License key. You can also refer this tool to your friends who have always been struggling hard with the formats of the video file. The size of this tool is around 13 Mb and it will get installed quickly. Please put in the comments if you are not able to use this tool due to any problem. I hope that you will surely like this tool.

Download MacX Video Converter

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