Macbook Battery Health Check Up & Calibration

The latest line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros by Apple boast of some great battery life, ranging from 7 to 10 hours, which is a sort of standard in the industry. Even though Macs have the best batteries, to ensure their longevity, steps must be taken to ensure that their health is maintained and the output provided by the battery is optimal.

To calibrate your battery, Apple provides some basic instructions for the procedure you should follow. which are listed on this support page on the official website. Calibrating your battery once every few months or so keeps your battery healthy and gives you maximum performance.

Watts is a complete battery and power management app for Mac OS X. Watts helps you out with –

  • Calibration of the battery – The steps for calibrating are simple and straightforward, as mentioned in the above link. The problem is that you have to remember when to calibrate the battery, and look up the instructions every time you want to calibrate it. Watts has a built-in reminder feature, which alerts you that its time to calibrate, and guides you through the process.
  • Battery Monitor – Watts is a great replacement for the default power monitor in the status bar. You can configure it to display an icon, time left/percentage left, both, either, or none. Choose whichever way is preferable to you. The Watts status bar icon takes up lesser space compared to the default Apple battery monitor.
  • Growl Notifications – Watts also has the ability to display Growl notifications when the power adapter is plugged or unplugged so that you can accordingly remove external media that may be wasting power or close applications that are straining the CPU and draining the battery. It also reminds you to frequently unplug the power, as using a laptop on AC power constantly is bad for its battery.
  • Advanced Battery Info – In the Preferences dialog, the Information tab displays information about the battery, such as charge cycles, health, output power so that you can easily judge the current status and health of your battery.
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