Mac OS X – Screen Capture, Screenshots, Video Of Screen Activity

Before I begin, I’d like to say that for all regular purposes, the screenshot tool built into Mac OS X is more than enough. It provides ample tools to screenshot an app, region or the complete screen, and also allows you to choose the name of the output screenshot and the format in which its saved.

Copernicus is a screenshot tool for Mac OS X that obviously allows you to take screenshots, but provides the additional benefit of the ability to batch view all the screenshots you’ve taken in a particular session, and to save/discard them as you seem fit. It also allows you to record videos of a region from your screen.


Copernicus has simple shortcuts for screenshots, and the screenshot process works the same way as the default screenshot tool for Mac OS X.

You can either use the appropriate shortcut to activate the screenshot tool, or you can bring up the main window by pressing F8 (default) and then choose the screenshot mode you want to choose. Here is what the main window looks like:

The advantage here, of course that you can take multiple screenshots at once, and all of them will open in a combined window. You can then choose which ones you want to keep, and which ones you would like to discard. You can disable this feature if you don’t like it, from the preferences. You can also choose to automatically add a watermark to all screenshots that you take via Copernicus. This is very useful for online publishers.


While Copernicus works just like most other screen video capture tools, it has one unique feature. It allows you to save the video directly to your RAM so as to get higher frame rates, and effectively smoother video. This is especially useful for short instruction type videos, when you want to show your friends how to do something. You can specify the frame rate, and the region to capture, similar to the image screenshot tool.

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