Mac OS X Ringtone Creator, Maker + Audio Editor

Macsome Audio Editor is a freeware app for Mac OS X that allows you to perform basic editing operations such as trimming, cropping, fade-in, fade-out on your audio, and is the perfect tool for creating ringtones from existing audio files.

Macsome Audio Editor doesn’t do any advanced audio editing, such as Audacity, it does only simple editing, which it does good.

Download and Installation
You can download Macsome Audio Editor from here. Installation is the usual Mac OS X style, mount the dmg file, and drag the .app file to your Applications folder.

Editing Music Files/Creating Ringtones

To edit a music file, just click on open or hit Cmd + O. Though I couldn’t find any explicit mention of what formats this editor supports, but in my test, I tried it with mp3, aac, and m4a, it worked just fine. Once the file is open, you will see something like the screenshot above.


  1. To start editing, click Play in the bottom bar.
  2. When you reach the point in the track from where you want to start editing, click Start Selection.
  3. When you reach the part of the track where you want to end your selection, click End Selection.
  4. Now your selection part is complete. If this is the part you want to keep, then click Crop. If you want to remove this selected part and keep the rest, then click Delete.
  5. You can now perform further optimisation on your selection. You can increase/decrease the volume of a particular selected part by clicking on the Increase Volume or Decrease Volume buttons, respectively
  6. You can also add a Fade-In or Fade-Out to your selection so that it does not sound abrupt.

Exporting/Saving Your Edited Music Clip

When you are finished with your editing, you can listen to the whole clip to confirm that you achieved the desired result. To save the selection, just click the save button.

Macsome Audio Editor provides you with complete audio format and quality options upon bringing up the save dialog.

You can choose from the following options –

  1. Format – MP3, AAC, WAV
  2. Bitrate – 8 Kbps to 320 Kbps
  3. Bitrate Type – Constant, Average, Variable
  4. Sample Rate – 8 to 48 KHz
  5. Channels – Stereo, Joint Stereo, Mono

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