Mac OS X New Feeds Notifications In Google Reader

If you use Google Reader to keep up with your RSS subscriptions from around the internet, then you must know how irritating it is to open up a new tab in your browser, open up Google Reader, log in and find out that there are no new feeds to read. Even if you prefer to stay logged in, you are constantly checking upon that tab to see if there are any new feed updates to be read. I more than often find myself in this position.

For Mac OS X users, there is a freeware app called Reader Notifier Reloaded, which sits in your menu bar, and notifies you whenever there are new feeds for you to read.

Installation and Setup

Installation is simple. Just download the .dmg file from the link given below, and mount it. Drag the app to the Applications folder. Double click it to run.

As soon as you launch it, you will see an icon in your menubar. Click on it, and select Preferences from the drop down menu.

In the ‘Account’ pane, enter your Google Reader account username and password. Click on the ‘Use’ button. When you click the ‘Use’ button, your username and password will be stored in the keychain so that you don’t have to manually enter it everytime. This completes the basic setup.

Below is a list of a few attributes which you can setup in the preferences to further tweak the notification mechanism to your choice –

  • Update Duration – The default update delay duration is set to 10 minutes. You can change this as per your taste. If you have a lot of feeds, you might want to reduce this time, or maybe increase it if you have a just a handful of subscriptions.
  • Max Unread Items Count – This is highest number of unread items that will be shown in the drop down menu. The default is 20.
  • Max Simultaneous Growl Notification Count
  • Use Secure Connection (https)
  • Show Unread Count in Menubar
  • TorrentCast – This feature can be used to download torrents via an RSS feed and automatically opening them with a torrent client, similar to Catch.

Here is a sample of a Growl notification generated by Reader Notifier Reloaded (also generate a sound).

Download Reader Notifier Reloaded

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