Mac OS X Flickr Photostream Photos Downloader

Do you use Flickr to share photos with your friends, family and the world? Or maybe to just host your images in general? With Flickr Pro accounts so cheap, storing your photos on Flickr is really not a bad idea. You have different sizes for your photos handy, and you share them with anyone you want, or embed them in a forum or a website/blog. But even with a Flickr Pro account, there is no way by which you can directly download or backup your complete photostream at one go, or massively download photos from Flickr.

Bulkr is a free Adobe AIR app that helps you simplify this task. Since it runs on Adobe AIR, it will work on any platform that supports Adobe AIR such as Windows, Mac OS X or even Linux.

To download your own photostream or particular sets from your photostream, you need to authorize your Flickr account to allow Bulkr to access your photos. Once this step is completed, you have the option to –

  1. Do a 1 click backup of your whole account, which includes all images ever uploaded. You can chose the size in which you want to download these images – small sqaure, thumbnail, small, medium, large or original. You can also choose to embed the title and description of the images in their EXIF description.
  2. Download selected photos from your photostream. Just go to the ‘Photostream’ tab, and select the photos you want to download by clicking on them.
  3. Download sets. There is a separate tab called ‘Sets’ for this, and you can download a complete set with 2 clicks.
  4. Download your favorite photos. Bulkr has a dedicated tab for photos that you favorited at Flickr. You can download all of these photos, or selective photos, just as easily as any of your own photos, thought the availability of size depends on whether the author of the photos allows you access to particular sizes or not.

You can also choose to save the EXIF data to a separate text file, rather than adding the data to the photos.

Apart from this functionality, Bulkr allows you to massively download photos from the photostream of any other user, group or from the Flickr Explore section. This however has a limitation – you can only download those photos which have been shared by their respective authors under a Creative Commons license. All this is pretty easy, all it takes is 2 clicks to download any selection of photos.

Overall, Bulkr is a somewhat memory intensive app, I don’t know whether this is the fault of Adobe AIR or the way that Bulkr handles the Flickr API. I certainly wouldn’t prefer keeping Bulkr running in the background while doing my work. But Bulkr does its job pretty well and has a pretty and intuitive interface, which is very easy to use. Everything is as simple as it gets, with most of the functionality in 1 click downloads.

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