Share Images, Links, Music, Videos and Files With Friends Using CloudApp (Mac OS X)

More than often, you want to share something with an online friend or the world in general, via social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook. CloudApp for Mac OS X is a small utility that helps you instantly share images, links, music, videos or files with your friends.

The first step is to register an account with CloudApp, this is compulsory, as everything that you share using CloudApp is associated with your account on CloudApp and is stored on CloudApp servers.

Sign up for CloudApp

The registration is simple, just enter your email address and choose a password, both to be entered only once. Once you’ve submitted the registration form, you’ll need to confirm your email address by clicking a confirmation link in an email that you’ll receive shortly afterwards. This completes the registration process.

Once this is over, you can go back to the site and login. Look for the ‘Tools’ link on the site after you login. You can download the app from there. After downloading and running the app, you’ll notice that CloudApp just sits in your menu bar. The whole control of CloudApp is done from the menu bar icon, which also acts as a ‘drop area’. Click on the CloudApp icon in the menu bar and click Preferences. In the Preferences window, click ‘Accounts’.

Enter your account details (the one you just created) here to get started. This completes the setup of CloudApp.

Now all you have to do to share any type of file, is to drag it from a Finder window onto the menu bar icon. CloudApp automatically uploads it to your CloudApp account, and places a link to it on your clipboard, so you can paste the link anywhere – in chat, IRC, on a social networking website, anywhere. Its as simple as that. While CloudApp is doing the uploading, the small cloud icon in the menu bar also acts as a progress indicator, it is empty at first, and gradually fills up with solid color as the upload progresses. You can change the notification preferences of CloudApp so that it generates a Growl notification when the upload is done.

By default, CloudApp uploads all screenshots taken using the default Mac OS X screengrab utility and places a link to it on your clipboard. If you want to change this behavior, all you have do is click on the CloudApp icon and uncheck the ‘Autoupload Screenshots’ option.

As you will notice, the CloudApp menu saves a few of your most recent uploads in the dropdown menu, so that if you lose a link by copying something else onto the clipboard, you can conveniently retrieve the link quickly. In any case, if you want to retrieve an old link to something that you uploaded a while ago, you can visit the CloudApp web interface where all your uploads are listed.

The minimalistic and simple nature of CloudApp makes it a must-have app for sharing all kinds of files online. I highly recommend this app to all Mac OS X users.

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