Burn CDs DVDs On Mac OS X With Burn

Burn is a free and open source application for Mac OS X that allows you to burn optical media such as CDs and DVDs. It has the advantage of being laden with all possibly required features when it comes to burning optical media, while simultaneously not being bloated like their counterparts (Toast Titanium on Mac or Nero Suite on Windows).

Burn has 4 different write modes –

  1. Data – Using this mode, you can burn any files on your system to a CD or DVD, to be used on a computer. You can select various formats for a disc – a Mac specific format (HFS+), a PC specific format (Joliet), a format which combines both (Mac + PC), or a UDF DVD format. Burn also offers you an advanced option to include multiple filesystems on a single disc, but you shouldn’t need this option unless you want to create a disc that behaves differently on different systems.

    Adding files and folders to your disc is easy. To create a new blank folder inside the disc, just click on the ‘Folder’ button. To add files or folders already on your system to the disc, just press the ‘+’ button.

  2. Audio – This mode is useful to create audio discs from music on your system which maybe in a variety of exotic formats, so that you can enjoy your music in a CD or MP3 disc player. Audio mode supports burning audio discs (CDA), mp3 discs, or even DVD Audio.

    Burn automatically converts your music to the required format to burn it to the disc (which depends on the mode that you selected) and creates a disc that works perfectly on your music system.

  3. Video – Similar to the audio mode, this mode is for creating VCDs, SVCDs, DVD-Video Discs or DivX discs. Conversions from most recognized formats such as .mpg, avi and .mp4 is supported. You can regulate the quality and compression settings from the Preferences window, according to your requirements or your taste.
  4. Copy – Using the Copy mode, you can create a copy of a disc and save it as an image file to your system, or burn it to another optical disc. Conversely, you can also burn an image from your system to a disc. This is a particularly useful mode, because it creates an exact copy of the disc, which means you can use it to copy everything as-it-is, including boot file settings, retain the file system settings, and also other autoplay related info.

Burning capabilities in Mac OS X are very limited. In a default system setup, when you insert a blank disc into your optical drive, OS X creates a burn folder for you which allows you to burn a data disc. That is all. There are no features to support additional types of media or specialized types of discs. Because of this, Burn is an excellent choice for someone who wants advanced burning capabilities but does not want to shell out loads of money on something expensive like Toast Titanium.

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