Mac OS App Store Will Be Launched In Jan 2011

I am really excited about he Mac app store, Finally there will a place where I will be able to get apps just like how I get it for the iphone at a single location. Apple is really looking forward to this store and hopes to provide a distribution platform for all the Mac OSX applications developed by the apple inc for the Mac operating system. this store was announced in October 2010 and was due to be released in December but due to some issues it has been postponed to January 2011. Apple began accepting application submission from registered developers in November and is set to release the store but I am happy that Apple is taking some time to resolve all the issues instead of releasing a half baked product.


This platform is based on the iphones app store and allows users to download, purchase, install, re download and update their Mac book applications. I am very keen to see such kind of thing by apple and I was waiting for something like this to happen from the day I bought a Mac book.

So lets hope for the best and prey that this release doesn’t get delayed anymore so that all the Mac owners can have what they have been waiting for eagerly.

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