Upgrade To Windows 8 For Just Rs. 699 INR or $13 approx. on Old Windows 7, Vista or XP PC Purchased Before 2nd July 2012

Windows 8 is out for public for both buy and download and more important you can buy it from internet and straight away install it on your old or new windows pc running windows 7, vista or XP. We have already written guides on how you can upgrade to windows 8 on your old PC, what you need to know when you upgrade your old computer in windows 8 PC. We had also told you before on how to install media center for free on windows 8, today we will tell you how you can upgrade to windows 8 for just Rs. 699 INR in india or 13$ approx. cost.

As per right now if you haven’t purchased windows pc before 2nd July 2012 to 13th January 2013 you will have to pay around Rs. 1999 INR, but in this post we will tell how you can upgrade for just Rs. 699 INR which is quite minimal cost and you can do this on any Pc irrespective if it running genuine or non genuine version of earlier windows operating system.

For this you need to go to WindowsUpgradeOffer.com and then select your country or region and then on country specific page, you need to click continue button.

Windows 8 Upgrade offer at low price

Now you will need to enter the address and other details like from which dealer you purchased your Pc and when, now make sure that you enter any date after 2nd July 2012 so that you are eligible for the upgrade and the fill in any dealer name which should look a like retailer name.

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer at Rs. 699

Once you do this, you will need receive an email id on the email id you mentioned which will have the coupon promo code which decrease your windows 8 cost to Rs. 699 INR later on.

Windows 8 Upgrade Steps

Now download the windows 8 upgrade assistant and once downloaded, run it to make sure that your existing programs run in windows 8 after the upgrade, when you reach the section which tells you about the price of windows 8 upgrade, you have the option to enter the promo code which will lower down the price from Rs. 1999 INR to Rs. 699 INR.

Buy Windows 8 Pro DVD Online

This entire process will require you to download the 2Gb digital file of windows 8 to be downloaded via internet, you should do it on a stable internet connection, however if the connection breaks you can resume the download as well and make sure that you have the disk space around 3 GB for the download to complete and save.

Please note when you plan to install windows 8 or upgrade from existing os, the OS drive should have around 20 Gb of free space to install and run windows 8.


This trick is right now working for all the users who are using it for earlier version of windows, but when you do this please make sure that you do it on a windows computer not a mac.

[ Via Windows Total ]

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