Loop Playback Movies From Point A To B In VLC Media Player

There are times when you need to play the movies in loop from one point to another, from one scene to another. You can do this in vlc media player which is free to use and widely popular, you just need to turn on the advanced media control options in vlc player.

Follow the procedure below to know more on how to play movies in loop from Scene A to Scene B in video 

1. Download and Install VLC Media Player if you don’t have it, from here

2. Now Run VLC Media Player and Enable the advanced media control options Under File Menu >> View – Advanced Controls as shown in the image below. 


3. Loop movie from point A to point B using the advanced controls show in the image below


Additional Tip – With advanced controls options you can also record a part of video and save it, take screenshot or images capture of movie scenes and save them as images

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