Login to All Google Services From a Single Page

Today I am going to talk about a very nice initiative taken by Google, we all now that day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year the web service of Google are increasing rapidly and that too with nice ideas. As the number of web services are increasing, though they are very useful to the users but still when you have to lots of stuff in your room then you are supposed to manage it so that you can use them easily and efficiently. This goes same with all the web services which are offered by Google nowadays.


As per the title of the post you can get to know that Google has already created a centralized page for the all the accounts offered by Google now. You just need to have a single username and password for accessing all the web-services. Now, it feels that Google has become a part of our life because for searching a route in your location, for sending a mail, for storing your images and documents online, for getting in touch with your friends and more can be done by all these web-services and that is the reason they thought of managing it by centralizing the logging in point.

Now, if you want to sign up for the web services then you will not have to reach out for each of them separately, you can go to the link mentioned below at the end of the post. It will direct you to the page as shown in the snapshot, just sign up at that link and then you will have al the web services working at that user ID and password.I hope that this information will be very helpful to you as now you will not have to run to each and every point. please share this info with all your friends and then let us know if you have got any issues. So, if you have got a single account then searching anything, watching the fresh news daily, taking a view at the stock markets, storing, accessing and printing the documents online and many more is on your finger tips, this is a Google Power Winking smile.

Common Google Link for signing up for all the activities

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