Lock Windows Workstation On Disconnection Of Any Bluetooth Enabled Device With BtProx

We have previously posted about some productive ways to quickly lock your computer, locking your computer could be really useful if there is someone else who may try to peek in what are you doing. But locking your computer manually could be forgotten due to laziness.

Here is a free tool utility Btprox [ Bluetooth Proximity Lock ] which lets you to lock Windows workstation upon disconnection of bluetooth device. The program is able to run user specified commands on device connection and disconnection. It allows you to lock your computer after a particular time out interval after disconnection of your bluetooth enabled device which could be your bluetooth enabled mobile phone.


Instructions To Use BtProx

1. First add the bluetooth enabled device in Btprox


2. Click the button highlighted in the image above, and locate your bluetooth device


Note: You can optionally specify an additional command also which should be run when this utility locks your computer.    

3. Click Start button on the application to start the application, now once you are away from your computer with your bluetooth device it will get automatically locked after 5 minutes, you can decrease this timeout interval – time for which application will wait before locking your windows computer. 


Download Btprox [ Bluetooth Proximity Lock ]

Source [ ghacks.net ]


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