Lock, Unlock Windows PC With USB Drive [For Windows 7 & Later]

Security of your personal systems is one of the issue which everyone wants to handle seriously. No matter what kind of user you are, you always want your PC to be completely secured, whether you are at home, office or using any other system. When you leave your PC unattended and you forget to lock it then your files are accessible to other people. To avoid such situations, we recommend you a small, yet very powerful application.

WinLockr is a small, pretty simple and an easy to use portable application for Windows which is specially designed to avoid above mentioned security issue by locking your system which prevents it to be used by anyone else in your absence. It provides extra security for your locked account by disabling the mouse and keyboard, except for the release key combination.


With this application you can lock your system with the help of USB by simply plugging it into the system, but it has to be configured with this software. This provides you some additional safety for your system by locking it and adds an extra layer of security which bars others from accessing your system in your absence. More importantly, even if some other person know your password, he/she cannot access your computer if WinLockr is enabled, as it requires a unique key combination to access the system, which only you would have. To get started, you simply have to launch WinLockr and enter a password.

This password setting is just only for the first time you run the application. Once you have set the password it enables the feature of locking the Windows, but you also have to specify the lock type, USB or Password lock. You can install it on USB such that whenever you remove the USB it will lock Windows. So, that helps you to lock it using the USB.


WinLockr will block the mouse and keyboard leaving only those keys that will be required by the user to enter the password. It provides you an additional feature as it even prevents shutdown of Windows and every shutdown, restart or log off actions will also be blocked by WinLockr.  The lock screen will provide information of any failed unlocks or shutdown attempts.

WinLockr is an excellent tool which comes up with complete security for your system as it prevents unauthorized access to your PC, when you are away from the PC and the application is portable making it more useful and demanding. So, go ahead and just try this small, yet very useful application for the security of your systems.

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