Lock, Restrict and Disable Keyboard, Mouse or Power Button

There are times when kids are around and you would like to protect your computer, they often search for games on your computer or just want to hit the keyboard or move the mouse around.

At that time you should better disable your keyboard, mouse or even keyboard so that none of these devices and button does not respond when those naughty kids play with them. In such a case you would need to lock or disable your keyboard, mouse or power key 

Following are some programs which can make your keyboard, mouse or power key in active.

1. Kid Key Lock – It is a very easy to use free program which allows you to disable specific keys on keyboard or entire keyboard, mouse functions.


It can lock the following keys

  • Mouse Lock options:
    • Left mouse button
    • Middle mouse button
    • Right mouse button
    • Double click
    • Mouse wheel
  • Keyboard lock options:
    • Standard character keys (letters, numbers, signs, etc)
    • Additional keys (Navigation keys, function keys, ins/del, home/end, etc)
    • Windows system shortcuts(e.g. alt-tab, win-key, etc)

2. Lock Windows – This is a best way to prevent any thing from happening by pressing Window Key + L and lock the window, but you will need to set a password for your account in windows to do it.

3. Child Proof – It is another free to use program which allows you to protect your computer from children accidental clicks. Once it is running it will hide all opened windows and the taskbar at the bottom. It will replace a taskbar with a new taskbar where you can kids to play games you select without doing any harm to your computer.

4. Toddler Keys – This application seems to be more advanced as it not only restrict the keyboard but it can also disable the power button, CD DVD Drive or even lock the drives to open and can lock mouse and keyboard. It will show a locked screen, you can set the images to show or sound to be played it a kid presses keyboard keys. In order to stop the program just type the word QUIT [ without pressing the capslock button ]. The secret exit word can be changed in Options.

All the programs mentioned above are free to use, solves the purpose to some extent, we hope atleast on these program will help you to deal with kids better without turning off your computer.

[ Source – Raymond.CC ]

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