Lock, Password Protect Folders In Windows 8

Security is one of the most important concerns of anyone who uses a computer. You have to secure your important data from unauthorized access and use. In order to do that the oldest and the most effective method is to password protect your data. You can easily password protect your folders in Windows operating system. The developer edition of Windows 8 is already out and it doesn’t have any application to password protect your folders. But I have got a tool for you to which will allow you to password protect your folders on windows 8 named Secure Folder.

The software is made for Windows 8 but it can also work with Windows 7. The software is very simple and easy to use. The application will allow you to lock, hide and encrypt your folders using 256-bit AES encryption. The software will allow you to protect unlimited number of folders and moreover it supports all the Windows file systems.

Secure Folder 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The window has three fields New Password, Email and Password Hint. The Email address is for sending you the password in case you forget the password that you have set for the tool.

Secure Folder 2

This is the window which will open up when you will open the application after re entering your password successfully. The tool has two toolbar options i.e. File and Tools. The software has an icon bar with icons such as Add, Remove, Secure, Insecure and Refresh. Add and Remove buttons are used to add and remove the folders to the tool. Secure button is used to put the various security levels on the folder. The Insecure button is used to remove the various levels of security enforced on a folder. Refresh button is used to refresh the folders added to the application to show their latest state.

Secure Folder 3

The above Browse window will open when you when you will click on the Add button. The window will help you to select the folder that you want to protect.

Secure Folder 4

After selecting the folder you will get the option to choose from the various levels of security that you want to enforce on the folder i.e. Lock , Hide or Encrypt or all the three. You can select any or all of these options using the check box provided to you and click on secure button to secure the folder.

Secure Folder 5

The File menu has options like Add, Change Password, Minimize To System Tray, Lock and Exit and Exit. The Add option is used to add the folders to the tool. Change Password is used to Change the Password that you have set. The Minimize to System Tray option will minimize the software into the system tray. Lock and Exit feature will Lock the software and Exit.

Secure Folder 6

The tools menu has options like Hide Drive, Virtual Drive, Privacy Sweep, Recover Locked  Folder, Take Screenshot, Visual Style and Options. The Hide Drive option will give you the option to hide the drive that are present on your computer. Privacy Sweep option will allow you to delete your files permanently so that they cannot be recovered again by any recovering software. Recover Locked folder option is used to recover the locked folder that you want. Take Screenshot option is used to take the screenshot. Visual Style option will give you the various types of theme options. The Options option will will give you the various options to modify the properties of the application.

Download Secure Folder.

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