Lock, Hide Pictures, Videos Files On Android Phone

The android market is already flooded with countless applications of which some are just for fun, while others are quite useful. By useful we mean it has to solve some purpose which otherwise was not achieved.

For instance let us consider the fact that we all mobile users today own some of the best multimedia phones with amazing features like better cameras, dedicated social applications etc. And we do use each of these features, don’t we? The camera is probably the most essential part of a mobile phone since in today’s date people love clicking pictures wherever they go with the mobile itself and don’t wish to carry any real cameras.

But a very common problem arises when we click our personal photos and don’t want other people to see them or even come across them by mistake. So can we do anything for that? By the time you finish reading this article you will get your answer for sure.

Vaulty Free Hides Pictures is an amazing app available for your android based phones for free and its usefulness is simply amazing. The app hides your personal pictures and videos and creates a separate directory where they are stored and in order to access that those pictures you can also set a password.


So now your pictures and videos will be safer than ever before and to tell you how one can perform the task of hiding pictures and videos, follow the steps below:

  • Open the gallery
  • In case you wish to hide a complete folder, select it or if separate pictures select them one by one(Similar step can be followed for videos)
  • Click on the share option provided at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once clicked select Vaulty from the list then close the gallery and your content will become hidden after this.


In case you wish to access those private pictures and videos that are hidden, go to the Vaulty app, enter the password if you have set any and there you can see all of them. IN case you want any of the stuff back into the gallery and not as hidden anymore, select the particular picture or video and select delete.

With this app all your private content can be literally kept private and is completely hassle free.

Download Vaulty Free Hides Pictures – [Android Market]

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