Lock / Disable Keyboard, CD Drive and Power Buttons With Toddler Keys

There could be some times when a small kid is playing with your desktop computer, you cant stop the kid for some reason, He keeps banging the keyboard, pressing the cd drive ejecting button as its fun for him. In that case toddler keys is one of the application that can help you as it locks the keyboard, CD Drive and power off button. we had written about how to Disable / Change CAPS Lock Key Function and desktop shortcut to eject or close cd drive


After running Toddler keys it will disable the functionality of keyboard, cd drive ejecting button and power off key of your computer, so if the kid presses any of these things nothing will happen to the running programs.

You can simply configure to disable these by right clicking the system tray icon of the program, and at the time of installation it allows you start this program with windows by default so you don’t need run it again and again.

Download Toddler Keys

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