Lock and Prevent Other Users To Copy Your Files On Hard disk, USB Drive and CD / DVD Drives

MK Drive Access is a freeware program which allows you to lock any drives on your computer, whether it is a portable USB drive, Local Drive on hard disk or it is a cd / dvd drive you can lock them. This application will lock these drives and prevent unwanted access by other users on these locked drives which you define with this software, so it prevents others to copy your private files and view them.


As shown in the snapshot of the application above it allows you to block all USB drives and Lock all cd / dvd drives, we have previously written some other tips to hide drives like Hide Drives In Windows XP and Vista, Lock and Hide your USB drive, Make Drives Invisible In Windows Explorer and Secret Password Protected Drive In My Computer you can consider reading these articles if you want to know more on how to hide drives in windows with different ways and software suggested in these articles.

Download MK Drive Access Control

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