Locating Missing Stop Navigation Button In Google Chrome [ Reader Query ]

One of my friend asked me yesterday, that he can’t find stop loading or stop navigation button in google chrome. As he has recently switched from firefox to google chrome so he is used to clicking the stop navigation button on bookmarks toolbar in firefox.

Google Chrome however has a different design and stop button is not at that same location in google chrome toolbar as there in firefox, rather the stop button has been placed on the right end of the address or location bar. [ as shown in the snapshot below ]


Google chrome has been designed in such a way that, the it saves space and gives you a longer horizontal location bar space to type the URL of the page or to read the complete URL of the page you are viewing in google chrome. If you are also a google chrome user then you can also read about all those useful google chrome addons which might help in your day to day browsing with google chrome. 

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