Live Sync – View, Access Files and Folder On Your Computer With Internet Connection

We had recently posted about how can you backup files in a folder to windows live spaces and for free and sync these files later on, today we will tell you about another cool feature in live sync tool which allows you to access all files and folder on your computer remotely anywhere with internet connection through live sync installed on another computer.

Follow the procedure to know how can you access your files remotely on your computer by running live sync.

In order to access files remotely with live sync, you will need to install live sync on both the computers including the one which has the files need to accessed and another computer from where you will access the files.

1. Run live sync on the computer whose files you will need to access and select the remote option as shown in the image below.


2. Now click the link which says Allow remote connections to this computer so that this computer goes into listening mode coming from another computer with live sync installed.


3. Now run Live sync on the other computer from where you would like to access the files, and login with same live id username and password. You will see the computer for which you opened remote connections once you are logged in  as shown in the image below.


4. When you click Connect to this computer, it will ask you with a message prompt whether you want to connect, it will be like remote desktop.


5. Then you will be connected to the remote pc and will able access all files and folders, work on the remote computer just like you are sitting in front of it as shown in the image below.


When you need to close connection to remote computer just click close button on the window which shows you the view of remote computer.

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