Live Stream Microsoft Windows Mobile Keynote At Mobile World Congress 2010

Today, Microsoft is going to reveal their latest windows mobile 7 operating system at MWC 2010, there are different types of speculations being made around on what this new operating system will have for windows mobile phone, there are assumptions like there be new free navigation software in built in windows mobile 7, as well as there are some confirmations about mobile windows 7 operating system that it will not have any support for flash right now.


Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation will host the press conference at the MWC today, Below are some links where you can live stream the web conference.

Mobile World Live





This conference will start at 6 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time), Click here to see the time zone as per your country.

You can also watch this event online at this official link for MWC 2010 Windows Mobile Keynote 

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