Lightweight, Full Functional Photo Editor Tool For Windows [ Freeware ]

Generally people get confused when they start working on Photoshop to make some changes in their image files. As it huge list of changes and if you start playing with those options then you may find it little bit complex and specially for the users who are using it for the first time. Today i will be reviewing a tool known as Photoedit, which is an easy and small tool and can help you to edit you images quickly with all the generally required options and this product has been developed by sunlitGreen.

Now I can categorize the users in to 2 groups, one of the category consist of the users who are supposed to work on images whole as their profession or they love to make changes in any kind of image and another category can be considered to be consisting of the users who may require to make some changes in the image once in a while for uploading the images on their account of Facebook or Orkut. So, this tool will helpful for specially those users who come under second category.

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As you see in the snapshot that an image is being edited using this tool. The options provided by this tool is quite similar to the one seen in the paint but the working with this freeware is quite easy. Some of the normal functions include resizing the image, zooming in and out, cutting or cropping the image. Apart from the normal functionalities you can also create the mirror image of you image file in both the modes horizontally and vertically.

You can also change some of the properties like Hue/Saturation, different curves and lines which are associated with the color content of the the image but be careful before using them as they may disrupt the color content of the image. There isĀ  full screen mode in which you can see the image on full screen.

The zipped size of of this tool is around 2.5 Mb. When you will be reach the downloading page of SunlitGreen, you will find that there are two modes in which you can download this tool, in first mode the tool will be installable but the size will be smaller as compared to the tool available in the other mode, in which the tool is portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download SunlitGreen PhotoEdit

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