Lightweight Desktop Utility For Watching YouTube Videos

The most famous website in the world to watch videos is YouTube. I have a tool named YTWatcher that will let you watch the videos from YouTube without actually going to the webpage. This application will allow you to watch the videos that are favorite’s,subscribed or liked videos in your account. Using this application you can maintain a list of videos that you want to watch. YTWatcher will also keep a track all the videos that you have already watched and it will only play the videos that you have not watched the next time you open the software.

YTWatcher 1

This is window that you will get when you will open the software for the first time after downloading it. The application doesn’t need any type of installation. You will enter your credentials and all your videos that you like, your favorites and the one’s that you have subscribed will come into the list in this application. The toolbar of the application has three main options File, Video and Change User. File menu has only one option to exit from the application.

YTWatcher 2

The Video menu has several options like Play, Skip Video, Full Screen, Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter and Change order. Shortcuts for all the options are also listed in front of the options for fast and efficient usage. The full screen mode will provide you the Theatre experience. You can also share your videos after watching on your favorite social networking website i.e. Facebook or Twitter. You can also change the order of the videos being played using the Change Order option. Once you click on this option a window will open and you can drag and drop videos in it. At the bottom of this software in the left hand side there are three buttons for your Subscribed and Favorite videos, to pause the video and for volume control.

YTWatcher 3

This is the list that contains all the videos that are currently being played by the application. You can toggle between various videos, skip the video if you don’t like it.

This application is very useful in case you have subscribed to the videos but if you are not checking it for a long time it will overwrite the previous videos as the limit for YouTube subscription is 100 but in this case it stores the videos in a local file so none of your videos are overwritten. The application will also adjust the size of the viewing window according to you can can increase or decrease the size of the window just like a normal window. The tool has a facility of automatic login, Facebook Integration, Twitter Integration and Theater mode. The application automatically deletes the advertisements from the videos.

Download YTWatcher.

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