Learn MS Office Productivity Tips Through Screensaver

We generally learn all the office tools on our own, we start to use them through our basic knowledge and then after investigating the tools on our own and checking each and every feature on your own, we start getting expertise in it. But still you learning might be accelerated, once you get to know some of the tips from a website or a video, but then who has the time to take that effort, so Microsoft thought of one of the best solution to this. In this post we will discuss more about this new trick with the help of which you can learn many tips for your Office tools.

Screensaver for Office Tips

Microsoft has made a new screensaver with the help of which you can learn many tips for your office tools, the video of that tool has been mentioned above. Most of us do not know that for how One Note can be used or how to work smartly on Outlook, and with the help of this screen saver you can sure know some of the very good tricks related to it. Once you will see the video you will get to know about them.

This is a best effort by Microsoft for those who will never go to their official site to get those tips and tricks, now once you move your mouse to come break the screensaver, it will show you a message that you can learn more from the official site of Office. The only constraint for you might be that it will run only on Original edition of Windows or I should say that once you download this setup will run a thorough check on your system to check whether the OS on your system is Genuine or not. So, all the users will have no chance on this magnificent screensaver.

The size of this setup is around 70 Mb and it will run only on Genuine Windows 7 version, on pirated OS it start showing the Counterfeiting message box. Please let us know about your experience for this tool. The link to download this screensaver has been mentioned below.

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