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Finally the Kinect for Windows SDK has been released by Microsoft Research; it has got some really great for the researchers and other developers to explore. Now you can lay your hands on this toolkit and create great applications for the Kinect. As you already know that Kinect has been using the physical gestures of the player in their game, so you must have got an idea that the applications which you will be building with this SDK will have interaction with the feature mentioned above. In this post we will talk about all the features available in the SDK.


This SDK will bring a totally new experience to all the developers and I hope they would love to work with it, especially after reading the feature as mentioned below:

  • Your application will be able to get the input data from all the sensors available in Kinect like depth sensor, color camera sensor and the four-element microphone array, this will help them to have access on the low level of data, in other words the data will be raw, it will not be processed. So, you can play around with it.
  • Skeletal Tracking, includes the movements or the gestures made by your body, it will be able to read the body movements by giving it the skeletal co-ordinates, making it possible for you to make gesture-oriented applications.
  • Advanced Audio Capabilities will help Kinect to capture the current voice source by elimination of the background noise and creating a beam. This captures voice source will be easily integrated with Windows Speech recognition API.
  • The size of the SDK after getting installed is even less than 100MB, so you can realize the installation will not be a problem, it will get installed like any other tool. To download this tool you will click the link mentioned below. Let me tell you that this link is available for free, as it is the beta version of SDK and the release for the commercial version of this Developer kit has not been decided yet.
  • Documentation is of high-quality and clearly specifies each and every bit of SDK with interactive presentation of data in the documents.

I hope that after laying your eyes on these features you must be feeling excited to work on this SDK, please let us know about your experience after working on this SDK, by putting the comments below the post. The download link is mentioned below.

Download Kinect for Windows SDK

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