Kill Process and Programs Without Opening Task Manager – SuperF4

SuperF4 [ via freewaregenius ]  is a free to use program which lets you kill any of the foreground running programs and applications simply by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F4, how ever killing a particular programs means terminating that program which is different from when you press Alt+f4 as Alt+f4 only ask the program to exit whether it wants to or not.


Moreover you can also kill any program directly just by pressing window key+F4 and then clicking the window of the program which you want to kill,  but you can press right mouse button or escape key to exit this mode without killing the program.

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This small application can kill almost all kinds of processes, but as it directly kills the programs so make sure to save any data before as it does not give a chance to save the unsaved work.

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It allows you to disable it from anytime from its system tray icon and you can hide it from system tray and make it autostart with windows simply right clicking the tray icon and selecting the option.

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