Kill Hanged, Not Responding Programs and Processes

The tool which we will be reviewing today can be named as Process K.O. now, you can very well estimate by the name that what type of it will be. K.O. is generally used to denote the end of something and here Process K.O. is ‘Process Kill Operation’. So, this tool can kill the processes in your system which might make your system busy and slow. So, in short this tool will help you to get rid of the processes which should be stopped when you are using them.

This tool has many functions and it can kill any process instantly or after a fixed interval of time. Sometime it happens that a process hangs and then it continuously uses a certain part of your memory or i should say that this part of memory is not being used for any required purpose. But with the help of this tool you can kill those processes which are not getting operated and got hung.


Now in the snapshot you can see that there are three primary option which are written above in the application window. The operation can be categorized into three formats which are mentioned below:

  • This category is “Add to favorites”, now you can add certain suspicious processes in this category which are suspected to make your system slow. This tool will monitor them continuously and then it will kill them if they reacted abnormally.
  • Another category id ‘Instant Kill’, this will instantly kill the processes which are currently running on your system. All the currently running processes will be enlisted in the menu shown by clicking that option this has been shown in the snapshot below.


  • This category is to have a consistent check on all the processes, so that if any process hangs in middle of your work, then it will wait for the foxed interval of time which has been set by you and then it will kill that process.

This tool will also help you a lot if your system has been infected by a virus, which has infiltrated your processes. As it will help in the smooth running of your applications.

The size of this tool is very small, i.e. around 50 Kb (Zipped size) after hearing about the size you can expect that this tool will be portable. So, it has many features which makes it handy for the users. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

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