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I am sure that most of us are aware of what a blog is. In today’s world blogging is an excellent way connect to millions of people in the world through internet and interact with them. Like always, today i will tell you a little bit more about blogging and how it originated. Blog is a blend of two words Web and Log. Blog is a type of a website usually maintained by individuals with regular entries of commentary, description of events or any other material inserted by the user. Those entries are then displayed in reverse chronological order.

Most Blogs are interactive and allow other users to leave comments and messages and the other type of blogs which are private act as more personal online diaries. There are many different type of blogs available like photo blog, video blog and many more. What you are reading right now is also type of a blog only. Have you ever thought that how we people organize and edit the data with pictures and videos to make simple paragraphs look more meaningful and attractive. Yes, for that too we have specific softwares like Windows Live Writer which help us create and publish blogs easily. And then just like what Google Docs is to Microsoft Word we have WordPress to Windows Livewriter. WordPress is an online open source Content Management System. It has many features just like any other blogging software and users can edit and create content online. It is the most popular CMS today.


I am here to give away some shortcuts for all the WordPress users and I am sure that these shortcuts will help them save a lot of time while working on the WordPress website.

Shortcuts for WordPress editor

  1. Alt+Shift+A : Hyperlink Selected Text.
  2. Alt+Shift+T : Add read more Tag to post.
  3. Ctrl+[Header Number] : Used to apply header tag to current line.
  4. Alt+Shift+L/R/C : Align Left/ Right / Center.
  5. Alt+Shift+S : Justify Text.
  6. Alt+Shift+D : Strike through Text.
  7. Alt+Shift+U : Start unordered list
  8. Alt+Shift+O : Start an ordered list.
  9. Alt+Shift+P : Add a new page to your post.
  10. Alt+Shift+Q : Enter a blockquote.
  11. Alt+Shift+H : Toggle Full Screen.

Shortcuts for moderating comments

After selecting the comment

  1. A : Approve comment.
  2. U : Unapproved comment.
  3. S : Mark as Spam.
  4. D : Delete the selected comment.
  5. Q : Quick edit the selected comment.
  6. E : Edit the selected comment.
  7. R : Reply to comment.

I am sure that all bloggers who use WordPress will be delighted to use these shortcuts and become more productive by saving time.

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