Keyboard Shortcut To Apply or Change Display Screen Resolution

We had already written about some tools which lets you change the screen resolution quite quickly like ResolutionKeeper, Display Tuner and Change Display Settings and Quick Resolution Changer

Today we will tell you about another free tool called HotKey Resolution Changer which supports switching to different screen resolutions through keyboard hotkeys defined for these screen resolutions. This utlity could come handy to apply a specific screen resolution quickly through some keyboard hotkeys specially every time you connect extended monitor.


You can use this utility with a single monitor setup also and assign different keyboard hotkeys for different resolutions and switch to display resolution with just some keys press. This is a portable application runs silently in system tray, works quite effectively and worth a try.

Note: Resolutions below 800×600 and frequencies above 100 Hertz are excluded. If you need them, download the source and compile HRC yourself.

Download HotKey Resolution Changer

We hope you find this little utility useful and do let us know if you know about any other utlity which is comparable to this one or better than this one.

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