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In our busy daily life, there are hundreds of things which we have to do but forget some of them which might have been important. So, most of us either keep a note  or make a reminder of important things so that at the end of the day we don’t have to regret for the incompletion of our important things.

But what about those who has to work all day long in front of their computer and instead of reminding the daily doings, they have to remember about certain important programs. For them, there is a software called QuotePad which is a personal notes keeping program.

It is a compact and east to use program. It is fully compatible with windows vista, xp, 7.

For adding any note, you just have to ‘double-click’ on the specified area then below it you can edit your note by selecting the snippet text from the web. It also provides the option of saving the URL of the page the text was saved from, allowing you to revisit the source of the quote at any time.

It also provides you the option of marking the note and can be used as checklist. You can also set reminder by clicking the option shown below.


The Reminder Settings provides you many features along with the basic one. Like it can remind you the note once in any day, month or year. It also provides the option of opening the desired application at the time of reminder. You can also set the desired sound if you want to.


It also provides the option of finding your note with a specified string.


You can make changes in any of the note whenever you want just by the right-click on the note. It will show few options of edit, delete, print and so on.


It also provides the option of exporting all the notes to an XML or text file. In the main menu select ‘Export’ menu item, specify the name of the destination file and its type (XML or txt) in the dialog, press ‘Save’ button.


There are few settings by which you can set your program according to your comfort. ‘General’ and ‘Main window’ settings are self-explanatory. There is an important setting of ‘database’ which makes this program very safe.

Because this program automatically creates up to 9 backup copies of the note database file. In case there are any problems, the program automatically recovers the note database file from the latest undamaged backup. Thus, the loss of your data due to a system failure is practically impossible.

You can also restore database manually by clicking the option ‘database restore’.


With this great utility you can never forget any program to do. So, download it now and make your life simple.

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Download QuotePad

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