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In the original iPhone keynote back in 2007, Steve Jobs claimed that the best thing about the iPhone was that it was running a modified version of Mac OS X, which being a tried, tested and appreciated system, is a natural choice. While this is somewhat true, but as far as interaction is concerned, there is no way to even sync files between all your various Apple devices.

iSynchronize attempts to fix this problem, by giving you a centralized account and making synchronization a painless and automatic procedure.

iSynchronize is a freeware app for Mac OS X, developed by Smart Apps LTD (who have also developed PixAM).

At the time of writing this review, iSynchronize v1.0 is available, and though it has support for accounts, the developers have chosen to disable the account registration dialog while they prepare dedicated servers to handle the accounts.

Lets look at the feature set that iSynchronize packs:

  • Zero Configuration Networking – Also named by Apple as Bonjour, support for zerconf means what it says, there is absolutely nothing to configure. If two or more Apple devices are on the same wireless or wired network, they can communicate with each other without the need for bothering with subnets and IP addresses and other configuration hassles. iSynchronize uses the same protocol to automatically detect your Apple devices connected to the network, and synchronizes your files across them.
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking – If you want to sync with devices that are not on your network (but you know the network details of the target device and have the appropriate permissions), then you can sync remotely with the device using iSynchronize. This feature seems to be absent from the current version.
  • Software Automatic Updates
  • Drag & Drop support – You can add files manually from the app, or you can just drag and drop the files you want to sync in the app window.

Though some key features are missing right now, iSynchronize looks good and seems to be an app that can come in handy, especially for people owning multiple Apple devices.

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