Kahlown Lets You Record PC User Activity In Stealth Mode As AVI Video File

Tracking the user on a computer system is a very important task when it comes to administrators in a network. In various scenarios, administrator wants to have a complete track of all the work done by the user and all the applications, websites, programs or files which the user used. For this, a recording or capturing utility may prove to be useful. Although, there are many utilities available on the web for this purpose, but the one which we are going t discuss today is very distinct and unique.

Kahlown is basically a small, useful and a great software program that brings together capturing, recording, and PC monitoring and that too all in a single utility.  As said earlier, due to its distinct features and functionalities, it is really a unique software program in the tasks it performed.  If we look into the working of this utility, then we may observe that it uses a secret mode capability to record the monitor screen as a video file or as single screen captures.

With this utility, you may observe that it can record video for long number of hours and for this it uses only some megabytes of the memory due to different codec which it uses.  As said, you may go on recording hours of video of the work done in your monitor screen, and that too in a single AVI file and you may also take increment screenshots every minute.


Along with all the above mentioned features, it also allows us to do our own screen capturing with different options such as full screen capture, or only capturing the working area, or simply any part of the screen, etc. Although, you may observe that it is a very basic type of screen capturing but with other features, it becomes notable.

You may also see the addition of the manual screen recording as well.  You may record our favorite show from the internet, or may record the desktop for any tutorials, and similarly much more can be done through this utility.
Some of its features also include its ability to add our own annotations to our screen shots or recordings which can be pretty useful.

Along with this, it also has the ability to change the video quality, and the usage of various compressors makes it possible to record videos using less space. So, you may download the utility from the link given below and can use it by installing it into your system. Overall we must say that it is a wonderful utility which has been designed specially for administrating purpose and to track down the various users.

Download Kahlown

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