Join Photos To Form Panoramic Picture With Hugin

Image sharing has become one of the most important activity on the internet. But, before sharing any of the image every user wants to rectify it and edit it in a way to give it a good look. In addition to that user often wants to stitch the different images which allows the user to join different images into a single one. So, image stitching is definitely a great way by which multiple images can be joined together with overlapping fields in order to produce a single panorama image. For this, there are many software which helps in image stitching and hence help to combine similar images to create a integrated picture.

Hugin is one of such image stitching tool which is available as an open source application. This tool helps in joining a mixture of photographs into a complete single panorama image. The most important feature of this application is that it runs on multiple-platforms. With this smart tool, the user can join and stitch the various pictures into an overlapping picture. Once you use it you will observe that it is very useful and helpful in combining various photos and images which you can’t scan due to their large size.


You may simply download the application and install it in your machine. In order to get started with the application and to use it you just have to load your desired pictures or images from one of the option present as the Assistant tab in the window. After this, select a camera lens type from the available drop down menu.

After selecting and adding the pictures from your machine, you can edit and filter them by using the available options which allow you to mask, crop, refine and to resize your images. There you may also see other options in the form of Camera and Lens tab which are used for optionally loading a lens. Stitching of pictures depends on various factors such as the speed of your computer, size of the images that you are joining and number of images that you have selected and also the power that is available right now with your processor. At this point, if you have a lot of data that you want to join in the form of pictures, then this tool will definitely take a large amount of time for processing the given task.


In order to join various pictures by using this tool you can specify similar points present on different images from one of the options present as the Control Points tab for joining those images together. After doing this, move over to the Stitcher tab and from that menu select the desired stitching parameters which match your needs. It includes the area to be joined from the selected images, the format of the file in which you want it to be saved after integrating it inta a single image and also many other options. You can save the integrated file in any of the formats such as TIFF, JPEG or PNG. After selecting all the stitching parameters, then finally click Stitch Now.



Finally, head over to the Stitcher tab and select your desired stitching parameters. these include the area of the selected images, the format in which you wish to save the Panorama, exposure correction, layer blending options and image combination stacks. The Panorama can be saved in either TIFF, JPEG or PNG format. Once you have selected the stitching parameters, click Stitch Now.

So, in this way you may use this wonderful tool to stitch and join various pictures into a single image or picture. You may download this tool from the below given link.

Download Hugin

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