Jailbreak Sony PS3 Possible [ Information ]

Just few weeks back i shared a post related to a news in which i told you about jail braking your apple iPhone 4 and there I also mentioned that jail breaking you iPhone has become legal. Though jail breaking iPhone 4 was not a tedious task as you can many tools or vendors which can provide you a jail-breaked phone, but today i will sharing another good news with you. The idea of this news can be estimated by the heading of this news.


Let me tell you a fact that Sony spends a lot on the security of its device and this is the reason there security for the device are known among one of the best in the world, so you can estimate that how will Sony react on this news. An Australian modding unit known as OzModChips and basically deals with hardware, discovered a way to jail break the device, but everything cannot be convenient for you. So, you will have to buy a hardware which can be easily connected in the USB port of your PS3 and then your device will be jail-breaked.


There are many reasons for which a user will spent a lot to get that device jail-breaked,  as you will be able to stop all the necessary updates and then your can create the backup files for the games, despite of these two you can also go for using pirated games on your PS3. For this you will just have to buy a USB dongle which is named as PS jailbreak and then just insert that USB into the port and then boot your USB to jail-break the device. So i think investing on this tool once will not be a bas deal and then you will be able to use your device without any restriction.

But a rumor is in the air that this tool has been developed using SDK (Software Development Kit), which has been officially undertaken by Sony as these tools were used by them to create the OS for the device and if they have used SDK to develop the jail breaking tool then, that modding team is in a great trouble. Lets see everything will be out when the right time comes and we will keep you updated with all the info which we come across. Have a great day!!!

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