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Computers have become the most important part of our work life today in our massively growing economy. On an average, a person spends eight hours a day working on a computer, thus we don’t get time to do anything else and our life becomes boring day by day. Due to this reason we become dull and less interested in the work that we do hence affecting our productivity.To keep ourselves away from boredom most of us listen to songs while working on the computer, as all of us have some or the other kind of affection towards different types of music in this country.Well that is the most convenient solution we can have because we can easily save our favorite songs on the computer and with help of headphones just listen to them while working without disturbing others.

I am sure that most of us are using itunes to organize and play music files on our computers because currently it the most advanced and frequently updated music player we the problem is that, in order to change the song it is very inconvenient to close or open the whole itunes window, change the song and then close it. This breaks the flow of a person working on something important.This is where this small itunes Controller Widget comes into action.This small widget controls itunes from the side bar and shows the title, artist and artwork (if available) of the currently played song.It also allows you to play or pause the currently played song and you can go to the previous or the next song with the corresponding buttons.It also shows you the time for the song being played at that time. The look of this widget is very beautiful and it almost seems like you have an ipod mini clinched onto your screen with all the features.

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It automatically starts whenever you start itunes.And you might have to start itunes again in order to start the controller again.This widget consists of all the features that you would only use even from tunes normally.It requires itunes 4.7 or later and win7.

In the end we would say that this is a pretty cool widget for all the itunes users and you get it for free so there is no harm in keeping it on the computer as a utility.

Download iTunes Controller [ Sidebar Widget ]

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