IPv4 Bye Bye!! IPv6 Coming Now

If there are certain terms which you were not able to understand in title then let me tell you that IPv6 and IPv4 are the address formats which are allotted to your computer. The addressed which were confined to IPv4 are over and now by the starting of year 2012 you will be using the IPv6 formats for your systems. In this post we will be telling you that what are the reasons behind this change and how it id going to help us all.

Our computer has two types of address, one of them is the network address and the other one is the Machine Address or the MAC address. IPv4 and IPv6 are the formats of the network addresses allotted to a computer when it is available on the system. We have using the IPv4 format for a long period of time and now the addresses under this format are about to be over or I should say that ICAN has already submitted the last range of IPv4 network addresses to the some computers. IPv4 allotted 4 billion address to all the users in the world and these addresses are about to be over.

The new format IPv6 will provide 3 billion address to a single user on this planet which is really a huge quantity and we can expect that it will take lots of time to be over and by the time this address format gets overĀ  a new will be invented and moreover let me tell you that this number is not going to end that easily. Google has already worked on the link for their webpage and it will be accessed only when you will be having the network address of IPv6 format. So less than a year to go and then you will be able to see those addresses.

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