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iPhone is one gadget which eversince its launch, has been in news and has been acknowledged all over the world and if you are a iPhone user then you must be aware of the fact that its one of the highest selling gadgets in the whole world.

As once said by Spiderman’ uncle,”With great power,comes great responsibilities”, and for such amazingly equipped cellphone, countless number of software developers started developing applications and the numbers are still growing with the passage of each day.

The iPhone has a lot of features to offer but when it comes to Ringtones,that is the point where it does disappoints  to a certain extent since one has to buy ringtones from iTunes store and then use it and moreover your favorite ringtones are less likely to be found over the various databases on the internet.

We have got an answer to this problem which will certainly be liked by you. Its the new All-in-one Ringtone Converter,Editor,Maker and Updater,which lets you perform almost any task concerned with the ringtones for your Apple gadget. We had also made a post on another ringtone maker called iRinger, but as i mentioned above this one is much more advanced in terms of functionality.

The most unique thing about this software is that its free of cost and one can convert unlimited number of ringtones without any charges and can makes a ringtone in less than 30 seconds.

iPhone Ringtone Maker

How To Create Ringtones With iPhone Ringtone Maker/Converter

  • Firstly install the software and run it for the first time and you will come across a window as shown above.
  • Then click on open file button and add the song from which you would like to extract the ringtone.

iphone ringtone maker

  • If you wish then you can add fading effect by moving the sliding ball located above the play button and finally press the button saying “CREATE RINGTONE NOW”.
  • As tested by us the ringtone will be created within a few seconds.
  • To see the created ringtone, you can access the output path as selected by default or you can choose your own output folder as well.

Key Features

  • Convert MP3, M4a, WAV, OGG, WMA, Flac, CD, RA, AAC to iPhone ringtone m4r format
  • Convert iTunes music to iPhone ringtone, even the protected music purchased from iTunes store
  • Extract audio and make iPhone ringtone from video files like AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MPEG, ASF, DivX, Rm, 3GP, MP4, MKV, M2ts, AVCHD, MTS, MOD, M4v,VOB, etc
  • Send ringtone to iPhone without using iTunes. Certainly, you can also use iTunes to put m4r ringtone on your iPhone if you like.
  • MP3 to iPhone Ringtone, MP3 as iPhone Ringtone Converter
  • WAV to iPhone Ringtone, WAV as iPhone Ringtone Converter
  • M4a to iPhone Ringtone, AAC as iPhone Ringtone Converter, etc

So download the software and start making ringtones for your iPhone.

Download iPhone Ringtone Converter/Maker


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