Force iPhone Phone Call App To Start With Dail Keypad View Only Automatically [ For Jailbroken iPhones Only ]

iPhone is no doubt a great device as a the amount of customization you can do with iphone has no limits, but some times you can customize iphone as per your need only if you have jailbroken your iphone, for example there are some people who would like to view only keypad always when they launch iphone phone app, as they launched the app to dial the number just to address this issue there is a new app just been released on cydia.


The new app is a called StartDial which implements a simple tweak with which when ever you launch iphone app it will show the keypad always irrespective the last mode in which you might had viewed contacts, voicemail, recents calls  minimized the application.


You can easily install this application from cydia on your iphone which should be running iOS 3.0 or higher.

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