iPhone Hack – Put Any Video With Photos and Watch Videos With Photos App In iPhone

This hack works on any iPhone 3G with 3.1 jailbreak, Just like me all of us know that iphone 3g does not allow video recording but those who have jailbreaked their devices either using the free apps like cycorder and video recorder for 3G and if you want to watch these recorded videos or any other video directly from the photos app in iphone such that the videos appear in the same path with your photos which you see through the photos app, follow the procedure below


You can also read some other related tips on iphone including Add Youtube Video On iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS In High Quality, how to fix Cannot Find SMS Preview ON / OFF Toggle, transfer iphone camera roll pictures to PC and here is the step by step procedure to put your videos in with photos, 

1. Firstly fetch the video you want to put with photos, if it is a cycorder recorded video, you can copy them from the follow directory path on your iphone using a free iphone file explorer.

Path Where Cycorder Stores Videos on iPhone : var/mobile/Media/Videos.

you can also put any other video with this method.

2. Covert the video to iphone .MP4 format using following free iphone converters: Free Flv To iPhone Converter, Mobile Media Converter For iPhone, iPod, Convert Videos To iPhone Format and lot more other free iphone converters you can find on google if the above converters does not work for you.

Please Note: If the videos you want to put are recorded by cycorder then you don’t  need to convert them to iphone format

3. Now use rename the each video to something along the lines of IMG_0128.MOV [ but make sure you give a unique name to each video ] and drop it at the following path /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE using iphone explorer [ link given in step 1 ] 

4. That’s it you will now see video with your photos which you can play directly from there. Leave a comment at the end of this post you have anything to say.

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