iPhone 4 Launch In India [Confirmed ]

As you might know the news is all over, Bharti Airtel is finally planning to launch iphone 4 in india in upcoming months.


There is no word on pricing, release date or even the month of launch from airtel, below is a screenshot of the tweet from airtel official twitter account.

4-11-2011 11-56-04 AM

As per the news we are getting iphone 5 launch will be delayed in US till September in US, till that time apple may want to sell some iphone 4 in india and by that time iphone 5 will be launched in india, as it seems iphone 4 will be available for sale in india through Vodafone and airtel when iphone 5 has been launched in india. I wish apple one day might take indian mobile phone market seriously and plan to launch their products at the same they launch them in US.

Let us know your comments and questions regarding iphone 4 launch and availability, using the comments section below.

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