iPhone 4 FaceTime Can Run On 3g Connection Without Wi Fi [ For Non Jailbroken Phones ]

As you may be aware of, the new iPhone 4 contains a front facing camera, which enables it to have video-calling, a feature that Apple calls ‘FaceTime’. Currently, FaceTime only works over Wi-Fi , but here is a work-around to make it work over a 3G network. Please note that this is a very crude work-around, and to use FaceTime over 3G natively with the iPhone 4, you’ll have to wait until carriers such as AT&T launch support for it.


  1. iPhone 4 (obviously)
  2. A laptop (preferably a MacBook for ease of connectivity)
  3. Tethering enabled on your iPhone (Costs an extra of $15 per month with AT&T)

How to get it working

  1. To turn on tethering on your iPhone 4, just go to Settings >> General >> Network >> Internet Tethering, and connect it to your laptop via the included USB cable. As soon as you do this, a new connection called ‘iPhone USB’ will pop up in your Network PrefPane. Once this step is complete, and the connection is working (you can check by opening a web page in Safari), you may proceed to the next step.
  2. (Image Credit : DeviceKnit)

  3. Now you can enable Internet Sharing by going to the Sharing PrefPane in System Preferences. This step may require you to enter your administrator’s username and password. Make sure you select the iPhone USB connection and share it with computers using Airport.
  4. (Image Credit : DeviceKnit)

  5. From your iPhone 4, connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot you just created on your laptop. Now your iPhone 4 connects to the internet using your 3G connection via tethering on your laptop, which acts as a hotspot and offers connectivity via Wi-Fi.

Now you can access the internet on your iPhone, as well as enjoy FaceTime calls.

(Hat Tip : DeviceKnit)

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