iPhone 4.0 OS Will Have Multitasking Feature Inbuilt ?

As per the information from AppleInsider, iPhone 4.0 OS will integrate multitasking feature in built, this is a long awaited feature which should have been there from the initial times. Still better late than never apple has decided to provide multitasking to the iphone users with iPhone OS firmware 4.0, but you can have multitasking feature in iPhone OS 3.0 or greater with ProSwitcher – but this app can be installed in jailbreaked iphones.


Out of all the expected features in iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking seems to be major which will provide multitasking in those iphones too which are not jailbroken, but apple has some different plans to implementing multitasking in some applications on iphone only not everywhere else. Lets see what happens in actual and how much of these news like this come to true to what extent.

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