iPhone 4.0 Features Explained In Video

iPhone 4.0 has been revealed by apple, it has got 7 new amazing features mainly which includes

1. Multitasking
2. Folders to organize apps
3. A unified inbox
4. iBooks is coming to the iPhone
5. More features for the enterprise
6. A social network for gaming
7. Mobile advertising with iAds

You can read our coverage with all the above features in detailed on our iPhone Blog. Below is a video which explains how all these new features introduced in iPhone 4.0 OS

Thanks To 9to5mac.com for this video, in the above video they seem to be using iPhone 3GS

PS: There is a bad news for iPhone 3G users that, they will not get all the features when they upgrade to iPhone 4.0 OS and Multitasking is one such features missing for iPhone 3G users with iPhone 4.0 OS

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