iPad Tip – Set A Photo As Wallpaper Background and Home Screen

In order to set a photo as wallpaper background and home screen, you can choose from several wallpaper pictures comes preloaded with iPad or you can use a photo of your own.


Follow the procedure below to set a photo as wallpaper.

1. Choose any photo and tap, then tap Use As Wallpaper.

2. Drag to pan the photo, or pinch the photo to zoom in or out, until it looks the way you want. Keep in mind that the image will be displayed in both portrait and landscape orientations but won’t rotate.

3. Tap to Set Wallpaper. Then tap to use the image as wallpaper for the Home screen, on the Lock screen, or both.

Note: To choose from several wallpaper pictures included with iPad, go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.

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