iPad Tip – Pair Bluetooth Devices With iPad

iPad comes with bluetooth connectivity, so that you connect various devices like bluetooth handsets, wireless bluetooth keyboard etc. Here is how you can pair any bluetooth device with ipad.


Connect Bluetooth Device With iPad   

1. Follow the instructions that came with the bluetooth keyboard or headphones to make it discoverable.
2. In Settings, choose General > Bluetooth, and turn Bluetooth on on your iPad 
3. Select the keyboard or headphones and if prompted, enter the passkey or PIN number. See the instructions about the passkey or PIN that came with your keyboard or headphones. After you pair the keyboard with iPad, the product name and a Bluetooth icon appear on the screen. After you pair headphones with iPad, the product name and a Bluetooth audio icon appear on the screen when you’re viewing audio or video playback controls. Tap   to
switch to a different audio output, such as the internal speaker.

Turn Of On Screen Keyboard

To use the onscreen keyboard again, turn of Bluetooth (Settings > General > Bluetooth), or press the Eject key on the Bluetooth keyboard

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  1. Robert Nicholls says

    Can the iPad only be used blutooth with the keyboard and audio devices please
    Many thanks
    Robert Nicholls

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